On an Android device I have no problem with 'online' opening of PDF in Mozilla Firefox. However, the "Download Unsuccessful" error. I am not able to download PDFs on Android devices, I placed some PDF documents on a webpage. I find that they open fine on the desktop. I have downloaded files and stuff from the internet for so long and 2 weeks ago it just randomly started saying download failed every time I tried.

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But I am unable to download PDFs from secure websites(nexus 5 android chrome latest stable). The download is initiated but within a few. i could not download any PDF file on my phone? does anybody experience the same issue? Any solutions?. Has all downloads stopped working for you? Or has only downloads from one area stopped working? IE: Market, Browser, Aptoide, Apktor, etc.

Fix for "Download Unsuccessful" or many other download issues. DroidTech New Member. Oct 23, Messages: Has all downloads stopped working for you? Or has only downloads from one area stopped working? Market, Browser, Aptoide, Apktor, etc. Well this happened to me last night and after much searching I never found anyone with the answer.

Hopefully this post can help some people out. First off, here is what I am running: Droid X - Rooted - Rubix Focused 1.

Downloads fail from different areas. Either browser, market, other places or all of them. Downloads from the market will say, "Download started", but the progress bar will never move.

Downloads from the browser will say, "Download Unsuccessful", after only a split second. Downloads from Apktor or the like will say, "Could not connect to the server!

Failed to Open PDF Error? Show Options to Fix it.

The problem: For some reason, you do not have permissions to write to your specified download folder. The fix: Run Root Explorer Or acquire it if you have not yet. Browse to the specified download folder. For the browser this is usually the "Downloads" folder on your SDCard. For Apktor-Aptoide it is usually the ".

Aptoide" folder on your SDCard.

For the market, there is a different fix. Once you have found your folder, tap and hold on it until the pop up menu comes up. Scroll down and tap on "Permissions". You'll probably find that the "User" account does not have write permissions Maybe not read or execute either.

Simply tap on and give the user read,write, and execute permissions to that folder. Exit and enjoy.

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Tap on, "Clear data". Tap on, "Clear cache".

Pretty sure its just data that you need. But might as well!

Suspected Cause of Problem: My problem started after playing with, "ROM Manager". I was seeing what all it could do, saw the "Fix Permissions" option and ran it.

I think that this is what cleared the permissions to my download folders. I am also not saying that the ROM Manager app is bad, but maybe it conflicts with some settings I have. Perhaps the dev could check into this and see if it is incorrectly setting permissions. Jan 13, Messages: Pinetop, AZ Ratings: We show you how to clean your phone from a virus without a factory reset.

Someone could write a book on the number of problems that WiFi networks cause users — the best solution oftentimes is to restart both your router and your phone.

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The bootloader is a preboot environment that allows the restoration of your operating system. The rest get resold or reused — while thievery may seem eco-friendly and The method varies between models of phone.

For most models, you can access the bootloader by completely powering down the device. Once inside of the bootloader, you can then choose to factory reset your device. Safe Mode allows users to disable all startup apps that might be crashing the phone. Once booted in through safe mode, you can then remove the misbehaving app. If that fails, plug the device into a power source and hold the power button down for fifteen seconds.

If that fails, you may need to either have the device serviced or return it. Don't despair!

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Follow our proven tips and you just might get your Android device back in action. I prefer formatting the SD card from within Android. ADB always causes the most amount of problems. We got you covered.

Android is the most robust operating system around and there are plenty of apps available to check if your Android device is functioning properly. We show you why your phone gets hot, how to cool it down, and keep it from heating up again. The reason why: Recovery just takes a couple button presses.Either browser, market, other places or all of them.

Maybe a server issue from where the file comes from.

Would it be possible for you to share the address of the link, i have sent you a private message for the same, please respond to that message. Thanks, Shivam.

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Verizon Note 8 just received Android 9! Run Root Explorer Or acquire it if you have not yet. Forums for Android!