Manga to Epub allow you to convert a bunch of images to a single "epub" file, been tested only with the most common archives and images format (zip, rar, tar, . site Comic Converter is a comic/manga converter for site and other E-Ink PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB or MOBI format e-books. Manga to Epub is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping you convert image files to EPUB file format. Since this is a.

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Since the new site DX is so good for reading manga, I'm really interested in And from there convert them to whatever the site format is. Open In AppSign In. ePUB. +2 How do you covert manga to Epub? with to write this answer produced a mediocre looking Epub. Getting a. I try to merge some chapter of manga with Mobi extension. I had found the only way to merge it with calibre is using plugin Epubmerge. I had to.

But I have used KCC extensively, and suggest the following settings. This just upscales the image to your site's resolution, no stretching.

I don't use any more settings than that, and I have been reading Assassination Classroom, and One Punch, all of which look fantastic. I am under the impression that site modified an older version of the epub standard when they designed the mobi. So since epub evolved, the mobi turned a bit behind. For example Embedded fonts work in epub, but not in mobi. site require using azw, which suggest the azw is the equivalent of epub.

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But for scanned pages, where even the text in the cartoon bubbles is scanned, both format epub and mobi are probably identical. Provided you kept original image scans at their best quality.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. AcidWeb , PM Not really understand your post That file should be uploaded to Kobo.

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Nothing more. Nothing less. Converting it once more with Calibre will only mess the file.

I was saying that while I got a single. I use Calibre to load my stuff onto my Kobo I guess what you are suggesting is to not view the.

Update: I did a straight. Are we able to make the images larger with this site program?

I notice that on the left and right a bit of white is present Can I change that without enlarging it on the top and bottom? Or did the person who created this program make modifications built into the program itself to size accordingly for each device?

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The size is only a slight issue because the Kobo doesn't really allow you to stretch the image at will as far as I know. Also I am curious, does keeping it CBZ preserve a large image or would converting it to.

It seems like maybe the size is the same when doing a Calibre conversion. Point by point.

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That caused change of icon and allowed to add that files to KCC with simple double click.Thanks for any info. Update: I did a straight.

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This tutorial does not contain links to web services where copyrighted material can be obtained. Can I change that without enlarging it on the top and bottom? I dont know if you can read them on other e-readers. Online readers didn't really get going until or , you know.

Upscale will try do it too but without breaking image ratio - better quality.