Devta Urdu Novel Complete 50 Volumes story of Farhad Ali Temur in Pdf Free Devta novel all 56 volumes are now available here on Pakistan virtual library in. Urdu Novel Devta Complete 56 Volumes By Mohiuddin Nawab Free Download Urdu novel Devta complete 56 volumes authored by Mohiuddin Nawab. Devta is . Urdu novel devta Complete 50 Volumes Urdu Novels, Free Books, Pdf . rahat in urdu language with the size of 41 mb in complete parts pdf high quality format.

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Urdu novel Devta pdf, devta complete Urdu novel pdf free download, dowload or read online Devta novel free. devta by mohiuddin nawab. Read Online Devta Laa Parts By Mohiuddin Nawab, DownloadDevta By Mohiuddin Nawab By Torrent,Rspk is giving Download PDF reader to show light watermark Special Thanks to Scanner of last parts as these were in demand all time. Mohiuddin Nawab is the author of the book Devta Novel Pdf. It is the longest Now you can download all 56 parts of the Devta Novel Pdf here.

M Waseem Anwar. Posted in: Mohiuddin Nawab. We are not hosting torrents, we are giving alternative download links through torrent for ease. Torrents only contains pdf books. Yeh Wajbat E Ishq. Hamdard Naunehal July You May Also Like.

Devta novel complete pdf free download

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Devta Urdu Novel Complete 56 Volumes By Mohiuddin Nawab

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Part 52 Download. She suicide later when she got dis-heart of his country and her peoples attitude and bad thinking about her. Puras: Paras twin Brother revealed in the 38th volume. He was given to a Hindu Family by his maid immediately after birth. Just before the disclosure in the last chapter his maid i-e Lady Rosana reveals this secret act of her performed 25 years ago on Jazira Al Birad.

Super Master is controlled by USA government. Mask Man: This is code name of leader of Red power group of Russia.

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Red power is controlled by Russian government. Master Yoshay: He was master of Super Master Group, a government agency build for crime and enslave other countries by any means. He was also a telepathy master but was killed by Farhad Ali Taimoor.

Later his son became Super Master got telepathy skills with help of Transformer Machine and tried to take revenge of his father from Farhad Ali Taimoor, but was killed. Armor: He is very intelligent mechanic and scientist.

Tartar Bilba: He was enemy of Farhad, from super master group but later joined his team. He was prince of Kaaf Valley. He was very good fighter and horse rider. He was killed in Kaaf Valley when Super Master attacked there. Tartar Ghilba: He was king of Kaaf Valley. Tatiana She was very intelligent Russian spy, most trusted in his country who can visit any restricted area without any restriction.

She was killed by Sonia in volume22 of series in her home. Prince Dagger A man from Super master team, who got telepathy skills from transformer machine. John Dagger A man from Super master team, who got telepathy skills from transformer machine.

George Freeman: He was very intelligent mechanic and scientist. He also made a transformer machine with help of blueprints and paper details of original.

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He was later killed by Farhad. Madonna She was from Super master team who got telepathy skills from transformer machine. She injured Farhad with gunfire which she shot from his companion by means of telepathic control, where he was hiding. She was later killed by farhad in airplane crash when super master was trying to rescue her from Paris.M Waseem Anwar. Just before the disclosure in the last chapter his maid i-e Lady Rosana reveals this secret act of her performed 25 years ago on Jazira Al Birad.

Part 38 Download. Part 50 Download. Plot summary[ edit ] It is a story starting with a teen age boy living in Shahdera town by outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. The title of the story is given as "Devta" emerging from Hindi dialect which remains for "god" or natural god by the Hindu religion.