Choraha 6 by Hassan Nisar [Hassan Nisar] on lingrlichcarocoun.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read Urdu column Book shelf by Hassan Nisar. shelf by Hassan Nisar2. Source: Jung News. Read Urdu column Book shelf by Hassan Nisar. A must read book for Pakistanis - highly recommended. Capitalism Achilles Heel by Ramond Baker Urdu translation link: lingrlichcarocoun.cf English.

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Bhook Satati Thi, Biscuit Churati Thi – Hassan Nisar. October 25, Warna Ye Umer Bhar Ka Safar Rayegan Tau Hay – Hassan Nisar. May 24, Hassan Nisar is a veteran Pakistani journalist, newspaper columnist and a TV news analyst. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Urdu Column No comments. Kaghaz say kapas kay phoolon tak By Hassan Nisar Kaghaz say kapas kay phoolon tak By Hassan Nisar2.

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Hassan Nisar

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The term authority is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure. Power can be seen as evil or unjust but the exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings. In the corporate environment, power is often expressed as upward or downward. When a company exerts upward power, it is the subordinates who influence the decisions of the leader. Power has many faces like -Delegated authority , social class, money, property, food, ability , skills , knowledge granted or withheld , shared or kept secret , celebrity , force law , military might, violence, coercion , religion, social influence of tradition etc.

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You destroyed their 2 buildings in New York and they destroyed 2 and half countries of yours in return. Now what stupid actions do want to take? Imran has gone to Waziristan like that. One thing we can say; the Imran March has reminded the world that Pakistanis are not happy with the Drone Attacks.

Can proudly say that my affiliations are only with the suffering masses and those who truly want the welfare for the nation. But when we talk about actually stopping the Drones, no doubt this Waziristan March will have little or no effect in that regard. Let me be clear I have repeatedly said Imran has one quality other major party leaders do not have — He has not been tested. Based on the fact, Imran deserves to be given a chance.

If civilians casualties by Drones are responsible for all suicide blasts in country, then where are 43, victims of these blasts? Why these are not doing more blasts in response?

"Hosh Mein Aao" - Hassan Nisar's article about jewish historical aim of world dominance

Would you blast your own innocent people to take the revenge for Drones? What kind of nonsense justifications to support terrorist activities. How many lives are lost through Infant Mortality — Many more than in Waziristan?

Just put everything in perspective. Clean a street, clean a village, and clean a city. When will we focus on something we are actually capable of doing. Instead of going to Waziristan why not focus on getting the roads unblocked on all Sharif Houses — That is a doable task… The masses especially Student Youth must act smarter and force our leaders to act smarter — I urge them to do that and use their brains.

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When you are a crippled Nation, focus on removing all your disabilities and then when you get stronger then we can think of other actions.

There are many more compelling issues for Pakistan at the moment such as alleviating poverty and whole host of other issues. When you take aim in enmity, please make sure you have the strength to handle anything he throws back otherwise inflammatory actions are stupid. Another reality is that USA is a superpower and we are a weak child that cannot even stand on its own two feet.

On Waziristan as with everything else in life, one must make decisions based on a reality and use of brains — Foolish emotions do not help. Why no march against perpetrators of terrorist violence? Student and Youth have 39 million votes. Use the votes to kick out the money launderers and looters.

Remember Benazir got only 10m votes As no one can insult Sun, Ocean, Mountains, if some does, we will call him mad.

Our prophet is far beyond of everything, then how is it possible that anyone can insult Him? If someone tries, we should answer them in right and effective manner; our character should tell the world that we are the follower of such a great Prophet. Let us be clear we do not need Molvis to teach us Quran, or to give our children Azan, or to perform our Nikkah or when we die.

We can perform these by ourselves. I fully accept that my generation has done a lousy job since Show us you can do something positive. There is zero need to have the Maulvi layer between the masses and their Creator, especially when most are made of low material.

Reham Khan Controversial Book About Imran Khan

Those God wishes to punish; HE first takes their senses away. Please Pakistanis introduce some logic and sense into your actions.Remember Benazir got only 10m votes As no one can insult Sun, Ocean, Mountains, if some does, we will call him mad. Talat Hussain's voice narrated the words as the visuals of the desert land appeared on screen. Yet, these Left-oriented politicians are perhaps the only ones who have consistently fought against communal polarization and economic oppression, and have been steadfast in their struggle for social justice.

Power can be seen as evil or unjust but the exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings. But the time has blurred my ideological eye.

Though his aristocratic background could have easily guaranteed him a rich and comfortable life in Karachi, he chose to live among labourers cramped in and around the make-shift shanty towns that had sprung up in the glittering metropolis. There were wrong on Mohammed Jinnah, they have been wrong repeatedly in past 60 years and are now wrong on Imran.