Stephen Osagiede Oronsaye is a Nigerian accountant and civil servant who was appointed . "Oronsaye denies report on civil servants". The Nation. Archived from the original on 26 July Retrieved 21 December ^ Omoh Gabriel, Emma Ujah. 4 days ago The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quotes the report as saying that the average cost of and agencies (statutory and non-statutory) in the country,' Mr. Oronsaye said. DOWNLOAD THE PREMIUM TIMES MOBILE APP. (a) Stephen Oronsaye, CFR. Chairman. (b) Japh (b) referred to previous Reports on Government White Paper on Review, Harmonization and Rationalization.

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general elections. Available reports indicate that public office .. Steve Oronsaye knows that the success of any government initiative is directly. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Please, help me to find this oronsaye committee report pdf. I'll be. Mr Steven Oronsaye who was a new Head of Civil Service of the Federation at that time was mandated to review 5 Steven Oronsaye committee in its page report submitted to President Goodluck Jonathan at the Council Download pdf.

Certainly, the reasons are not convincing to any discernible mind because these MDAs have continued to be a source of wastage, economic burden, sheer duplication of bureaucracies and conduit to waste public resources.

The recent disclosure over the implementation of both the Integrated Personal and Payroll Information System confirms the veracity of the allegations of leakages and corruption in the public service, especially going by the recent disclosure that over 23, ghost workers were discovered in the federal civil service alone!

Then, why do we need to waste money and precious time setting-up a committee when its outcome will never be implemented, just the way the Oronsaye report is turning out to be?

oronsaye committee report pdf

While the detailed work of the committee, which cuts across virtually every aspect of Nigerian public administration, deserves commendation, a cursory look at the education component of the report that could bail out this critical sector from some of its challenges when implemented.

These include compulsory and free education from primary to junior secondary schools for all school-age children in the country; the need for stakeholders, such as the National Council on Education to make tangible efforts at revamping the fallen standard of education; the imperative for state governors to be engaged through the National Economic Council of State to drive the desired change process; professionalism of teaching; need for practising teachers to undergo in-service training to enable them garner renewable teaching license, among others.

Because of the numerous advantages inherent in the report, there is the need for a revisit. The reality on ground in the nation calls for a fiscal philosophy that would vigorously tackle corruption, waste, inefficiency, poor governance and inequitable distribution of wealth.

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Hence, implementing the report is capable of returning the economy to the path of restoration and rejuvenation. The current economic turbulence that the nation is experiencing makes the report handy and handy.

Therefore, it is high time the Oronsaye report is implemented because many of the MDAs are not only drain pipes on the economy but were set up merely for political reasons.

The money that will be saved from the scrapping and merging of these agencies could rather be used to set up industries and provide jobs in each of the geo-political zones of the country. These industries should be made to be self-sustaining without necessarily expecting yearly budgetary allocations.

On the fear being nursed that implementing the report would bring about mass sacking of workers, it should be noted that bonafide employees of the affected MDAs would simply been redeployed to the relevant offices without job losses. It is only hoped that the Federal Government would set the ball rolling in the implementation of this task. It is indeed, the public bureaucracy that translates formulated policies into practical reality. In essence, public bureaucracy bridges the gap between the legislative intent and its fulfilment.

Indeed, the role of public bureaucracy as a veritable tool of change and development is no more in doubt. The adequacy and efficiency of public bureaucracy is, therefore, vitally important to the entire nation and to all areas of development process Abah, This is because the capacity of the public bureaucracy determines what will be done, where it will be done, when and how well it will get done.

If the public bureaucracy lacks the capacity to effectively implement a policy, such a policy cannot achieve its goals and objectives.

Indeed, the greater the capacity of the public bureaucracy to effectively implement policies, the greater the development potential of that society.

During the colonial administration, the role of the bureaucracy was basically concerned with the maintenance of colonial law and order and collection of taxes and levies.

The colonial bureaucracy was created mainly to prosecute imperial policies.

All the roles highlighted above are so crucial to the smooth running of any administration to the extent that one may be tempted to conclude that bureaucracy is indispensable Okotoni, Mr Steven Oronsaye who was a new Head of Civil Service of the Federation at that time was mandated to review organisational structure of the service in line with the previous reform exercise.

However, Steven Oronsaye Committee observed that the Federal Civil Service as presently constituted in a pyramid structure, was massively overcrowded and clogged up at the top with so many senior persons not about to retire soon, if the old rules were followed.

The committee claimed that this was responsible for the lack of speedy progression at the top band.

To correct this anomaly, the Committee recommended that permanent secretaries and directors but not assistant directors will serve for an initial period of four years extendable, subject to good performance, to eight years, irrespective of their ages and years in service.

So far, the panel report has been gazetted and implemented, while the affected officials have been eased out of the Federal Civil service.

Nigerian Civil Service

He retained the Steven Oronsaye Committee, and renamed it: Presidential Committee on the Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies to review the structure of public institutions in March The Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC , which should not be in existence in its present form because the body was set up to do is a replication of the mandates of two existing bodies namely: the Highway Department of the Federal Ministry of Works with respect to the maintenance of safety and orderliness on our highways and the role of the Nigeria Police Force in ensuring law and order on our roads.

The Steven Oronsaye committee noted that about N The committee report, no doubt, is a rehash of the White Paper on the Ahmed Joda Panel Report on the Review, Harmonization and Rationalization of Federal Government Parastatals, Institutions and Agencies that recommends that some parastatals and agencies should either be scrapped, commercialized, privatized or self-funding.

Unfortunately, some of these agencies are not only existing but are receiving full Government funding, which runs into billions of Naira. As at the time of writing this paper, the Nigerian Government has accepted 6 the Steven Oronsaye Committee report, and has announced the setting up of a member White Paper drafting committee on the harmonisation of the panel report Bayo, And this can only come to be when the public bureaucracy implements policies effectively.

For this, therefore, the issue of effective policy implementation needs to be taken seriously both in practice and in academic discourse. Bayo, O. ISSN: — University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dick I.Basel Committee on Banking Supervision - bis. University of Edinburgh, UK. Journal of Social Sciences, 11 1.

That is where the Muhammadu Buhari government should make a difference. The current economic turbulence that the nation is experiencing makes the report handy and handy.