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The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality by [Hamer, John] https://www. Feb 25, Booktopia has The Falsification of History, Our Distorted Reality by John Hamer. download a discounted ePUB of The Falsification of History online. The Falsification of History book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This book relates the current, insidious plight facing.


It's very unfortunate that humanity has come to this - all explained in the book.

Do your own research and find out for yourself if there is truth in what he writes. In this book, John Hamer theorizes that, instead of selling her for scrap and taking a huge loss, which might have bankrupted the Morgan venture, the decision was made to switch identities, destroy the Olympic now posing as the Titanic , collect the insurance, and continue operating the Titanic profitably now posing as the Olympic.

Recent Articles. There is no bibliography and very few references, which is unfortunate--it's very important to do one's own research, but the absence of citation for the information presented has an effect of the source's credibility and reliability; several times the author states a rath Great read; so much ground is covered here, yet this book barely scratches the surface!

The company had reason and opportunity to switch the identities of these luxury liners in order to commit massive insurance fraud. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it.